Genuine, OEM, & Pattern Parts: Britcar UK

Britcar UK kept getting asked the same questions: Does it matter if I get genuine or OEM Land Rover car parts? What is the difference between pattern and OEM? What is the difference between genuine and pattern? Etc. To rectify this, I wrote a piece for Britcar clarifying the difference between each type of carContinue reading “Genuine, OEM, & Pattern Parts: Britcar UK”

Tunnel Rat Soldiers in Vietnam:

At one point, I wrote listicles for a popular History website called History Collection. Every fortnight, the person with the highest clickthrough rate won a bonus. Since every item on the list was on a different page, a high clickthrough rate indicated readers were enjoying your content enough to continue reading. This particular article hadContinue reading “Tunnel Rat Soldiers in Vietnam:”

Nationwide Trail Guides: Trail Publications

As time has passed, I have come to write and edit for a lot of hiking/ trail-related clients. Matthew Arnold at Trail Publications was one of the first clients that I started writing for. Matthew writes the main contents of the book – i.e. what directions to take, and it is my job to proofreadContinue reading “Nationwide Trail Guides: Trail Publications”

Volkswagen, an MBA Case Study: University of Oxford.

Download the PDF at the bottom of this page to read an article I wrote titled: ‘Crisis at Volkswagen: Families, Firms, and German-style Capitalism’. It is used as a case study/ discussion point for MBA students at the Saïd Business School as part of the Global History of Capitalism module at the University of Oxford.Continue reading “Volkswagen, an MBA Case Study: University of Oxford.”

Archival Preface: SS Columbia Project

Client Request:  “I am specifically looking for historical context surrounding the SS Columbia which is the Oldest excursion vessel on the water. I am doing some interior work with the SS Columbia Project and can link to some of their already sourced information, however, what I really am looking for is a narrative about theseContinue reading “Archival Preface: SS Columbia Project”