Off-roading in California: LRO Magazine

In November 2018, I went rock-crawling/ off-roading after reaching out to the Northern California Land Rover Club. I ended writing an article about my experience for Land Rover Owner International, the world’s largest Land Rover magazine with around 25,000 readers per issue. I also provided photos to accompany my writing. Submitted article: Fordyce Creek: CaliforniaContinue reading “Off-roading in California: LRO Magazine”

Hiking the GR5 Interview: asked me to write an article based on an interview with their founder. The idea is to help humanise the founder and show both his own passion for adventure and his love for his wife. See the copy they edited here. Alternatively, see what I submitted below. Note, feature photo is by Kalen Emsley, found on Unsplash.Continue reading “Hiking the GR5 Interview:”