Social Media Copy – Client Case Study

An example of 13 captions I wrote for a client, including hashtags for cross-posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
An example of 13 captions I created for this client.

Earlier this year I started working with an events venue company, focusing on both attracting new venues to their platform and potential clients that want to book venues. This client asked for copy that focused on advertising the venues they work with in hope of sending people to their website and raising awareness.

They wanted to keep captions short (so they could cross-post on Twitter), have several hashtags included, and a link to each venue at the end of the copy. They wanted to avoid posting too often about what they do directly, and preferred people to click through to their website using the venue link. Note, I have not included the venue link/ images in the screenshot below as I wanted to protect the name of the business.

On their website, they provide links to all the venues and asked me to take photos from each venue listing to support and compliment the copy.

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