Why Men Should Get Botox: Cosmetic Surgeon

A cosmetic surgeon reached out asked me to write a witty, sarcastic, and humorous 21st-century blog post on male botox, addressing the concerns men typically have.

Note, I have added the article as screenshots below and avoided naming the clinic so as to avoid negatively affecting the SEO of their website.

This article required a little research and was turned over within 24 hours of being given the full brief. The client paid $430 for this article and left the following feedback: “Excellent communication and got the tone, detail, length right. Scarlett also included some nice authentic and novel ideas that brought the piece to life for our target audience. 100% recommend. Great work and will definitely be using again for future writing. The content subject matter is not easy and she researched it and clearly put a lot of time and effort into the planning and execution of the content. Top marks (but if you look at her background she’s probably pretty used to that sentiment by now).”

Please note, the above reference and pay can be verified by visiting my Upwork profile.

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