Oxford Postgraduate Courses: The Guardian

I cold-pitched to The Guardian and wrote a piece on research I conducted into the inaccessibility of Oxford’s postgraduate courses. Manually scouring data available on the internet, I found that only 19 out of the 102 one-year postgraduate courses on offer are within the £10.6k postgraduate loan provided by the UK government. Further, I found only Oxford and Cambridge priced themselves consistently above this loan.

Note, I did not see a final copy before it went to publication and I have to say, I am a little upset with the title. Primarily because I believe the poorest can also be the brightest and feel this title misrepresents my thoughts. The initial article focused more on those bright enough to gain a place but too poor to attend thanks to Oxford pricing them out of the market. I also focused more on the existence of the Clarendon Scholarship – a merit-only scholarship but mention of this was removed from the article.

Overall, by the end of day one, readers shared this article 252 times on social media platforms.

Published by Scarlett Mansfield

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