Website Analysis: Britcar UK

A client recently asked me to conduct a full analysis of their website and suggest improvements they could make on a limited budget. As part of the process, I consulted competitors’ websites to see what they offered to gain a greater insight into the industry. The following ideas are things that can be done without overhauling the entire website.

Writing changes

  • Improve SEO. Re-write homepage and blog articles. Mention that you ship globally, too UK-focused. Strip out the “We’s” and “Our’s”, replace with “You’s” and “Yours” – e.g. Your Testimonials, not Our Testimonials.
  • Write meet the team profiles. Add images of everyone, including e-mail addresses to make it easier to contact who they were talking to previously.
  • Improve help section – ensure the right e-mail is listed there – currently old one.
  • Change the transparent phrase in the search bar to: “Search by Part Number or Description”.
  • Update Delivery section to include more information about your shipping rates. Ensure it is kept up-to-date at all times.

Cosmetic Changes

  • Reorder menu – Home, Products by Car, Off-Roading, Accessories, News, About Us.
  • Make sure the images of cars are in the order they are on the top menu.
    • Remove Sealy for now, until parts are updated. Include accessories instead.
  • Don’t have so many different phone numbers/ e-mail addresses over the website. Keep to one universal e-mail/ phone number, helps SEO – apart from under ‘Meet The Staff’.
  • Under About Us, include: About Us, Find Us, Contact Us & Parts Wanted
    • Under find us, include pictures of the business, shows you are real/ a considerable-sized company.
    • Update ‘testimonials’ section under ‘About Us’ – All date back to 2014.
    • Right now, ‘About Us’ has two ‘heading’ titles
  • when you open it. Also, still mentions Rover and US parts – we no longer offer these.
  • Try to get more photos for each section on products – make sure they are universally formatted. All ‘Instagram’ square style, no Britcar logo (esps. Not different logos) and all same size/ orientation.
  • Add share buttons for ‘News’ articles.
  • Have preview of people that have liked your Facebook page – shows real people support you/ can browse variety of customers.
  • Put reviews as a banner along the bottom – ‘Testimonials’ scrolling.
  • Hardly even mention you have an actual shop – opening time only under ‘about us’ section. Put a map at the bottom of webpage with your location information and opening times. Helps show people you’re a real business with a real location.
  • When you search for an item, delete ‘Not Stocked’ in bright red as you do not tend to stock items nowadays. Change to 1-2 days instead.
  • Triple dots at bottom not clear enough – big ‘Talk to a Land Rover Expert’ accessible on each page. RimmerBros does this well.
  • Include ‘Sale’/ ‘Clearance’ section – even if it’s just a link to eBay.

Broken Links

  • When you click ‘home’ button, highlights ‘Products by car’ tab but that button does not do anything. Considering scrapping ‘home’ button altogether, instinctive to click on the logo to return ‘home’.
    • When you first go to the website, opens up on products by car, not home even though it is the home.
  • Facebook button bottom right-hand corner does not work.

Speed/ Reach

  • Website slow/ sometimes will not let me click on things.
  • When you click on ‘i’ at top of the browser bar, it says ‘you should not enter your details as the content is not secure’. Should be https://.
  • According to Google analytics, loading time in the US is significantly longer than the UK. Important for US clients – 7.5 seconds loading time! Still long in the UK at 5 seconds. Indonesia is 40 seconds, Chile 23 seconds, Montenegro 29 seconds etc.

Problems with Mobile

Ideas for a Future Rebuild

  • Reduce the number of clickthrough’s to access a product. Currently, 10 clickthroughs required – way too much.
  • Consider changing colours of website – green and black very clichéd for Land Rovers! Needs to be lighter/ more modern.
  • Allow customers to add items to their order if all their parts are not here yet. Help reduce the number of items shipped.
  • Overhaul Wishlist system – allow them to add an ‘idea’.
  • Add secondary drop-down section – E.g. Discovery drops out to Discovery 1 and Discovery 2.
  • Add reward points function.
  • Scratch car/ promo code system with the order.
  • Consider introducing free shipping with A/B testing to see if it gets more people to purchase/ if it has a real impact.
  • After doing promotional weekend, message those who spend over a certain amount and tell them if they have forgotten something, you are giving them one last chance for trade prices.

General Advice

  • Get into Land Rover forums, drives traffic.
  • Install Grammarly on everyone’s computer – improves how people write.
  • Brian storm ideas people might want to hear about on the ‘News’/ ‘Blog’ section.
  • Write newsletters more!
  • Make Britpart catalogue available online as downloadable PDF.
  • Include ‘Over 300,000+ parts’ near header as competitors boast about 100,000.
  • Better monitor statistics to see where traffic is coming from.

Published by Scarlett Mansfield

Scarlett is a freelance writer, editor, researcher, and social media manager with a focus on academic writing and research, travel writing and editing, and automotive writing.

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