Winter Hiking in the Lake District:

My client requested that I take a rough version of a blog post about winter hiking in the Lake District and make it suitable for publishing. I have included the initial piece sent to me, then, if you scroll down, you can find the piece I produced after.

I restructured the initial document and rewrote each paragraph, ensuring I retained the initial sentiment of the author while improving upon grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

It took one hour to complete this work and the client, a regular, was charged $35 p/h as per our usual set rate.


Hi their to all you readers,backpackers, hikers,wild campers i live in the Northeast of the UK in thesuburbs of our city called Newcastle upon tyne well when i say suburbs itsabout 7/8 miles away my friend and i who are keen hikers, backpackers and wildcampers are lucky enough to live only a 2.5 hour drive away from the Lakedistrict about 2.5 to 3 hours drive from Scotland and 45 mins to an hour awayfrom Northumberland but its the  Lake district i am going to write abouttoday just to tell you a bit about myself i am 52 years of age i have twoBorder collies and along with my good friend and hiking buddy we make regularvisits to the Lake district as it is an absolute dream for hikers, backpackersetc etc for anyone that has visited i am sure the beauty of the place has beeningrained into your memory banks anyway we have been my friend and in all ofthe seasons but the one i want to talk about today is winter hiking on a budgetwhich is what my friend and i do and not forgetting my border collie dogs tooto hike in a budget is quite easy if you have the right gear for the extremesof the winter weather which if not, you will have to first outlay money to buythe correct gear and if looked after it will give you years of service withouthaving to outlay more money that is when you will make the savings hence hikingin winter on a budget do not take chances thinking oh my 3 season sleeping bagwill work i really cannot imply enough that even though our winter weather isnowhere as extreme as in the USA the mountains are a totally different story soi do suggest an arctic sleeping bag, insulated hiking boots at least 400 to 600grams of insulation within those boots decent waterproof, windproofgloves/mittens i tend to wear gloves for more dexterity in case i need to take myrucksack off baselayers and or thermal trousers thermal tops fleeces and a goodwinter coat the budget part is this and you may think that my friend and i arecrazy but there are plenty of places in the mountains that one can wild campand that is exactly what we do it saves having to pay for a place in one of thetowns in the Lake district but if you are not that hardy or do not possess atent then there are YHA which are youth hostels you can go online and bookthese before your trip/vacation to the Lake district or if they are not totallybooked you can just happen upon them and book in for the night where they willprovide you with a basic bed or place to put your roll mat and sleeping bag ahot meal they are relatively cheap in comparison to the hotels and B&B,sthere can be a bit of a hike to get to these YHA,s but it does mean that youare out in the wilds so you can set off early the next day on your hikes in thesnow, another way to go winter weather hiking on a budget in the Lake districtis to use anyone of the 3 bothy,s which are stone built mountain huts usuallynear a water source such as a river or stream they do have small fireplaces inand occasionally have fuel in which consists of wood but please do rememberthey are NOT home from home they are very basic any wood that has been left hasbeen brought in by volunteers or hikers,backpackers so try not to use it all asthere might be a person more desperate than you if the weather became extremeand someone needed shelter also realise that you could end up sharing withtotal strangers overnight as they do not belong to any one person they aremaintained by the Mountain bothy association please do not think that it istheir job to tidy up after you so please respect that others will use these bothy’sand please take your rubbish with you until you find a bin to put it in thisincludes fruit peelings do not think that they will decompose they don’t theycannot because of the cold if everyone looks after their own then the placewill be beautiful for years to come and so other people can enjoy sorry if thatsounded like a lecture but us as hikers, walkers need to be the custodians ofthe countryside as for faecal matter lol your number 2,s well you cannot becarrying that about with you if your going to be in the mountains for a coupleof days so you have to find a spot where you can dig a hole so a small foldablelightweight spade is always a handy thing to carry after you have done what youneed to do you then bury it only use toilet paper which is decomposible and notwet wipes or baby wipes as these will not decompose!!! Also do not do your poopoo lol­čśénext to a water source, talking about a water source if you need water and thestreams and rivers are frozen you do have an abundant supply of water via snowso taking handfuls of snow melt this in your kettle on your portable stove butremember you may have to do this a few times as snow contains a lot of air andwill not produce as much water as you may think my friend and i have survivedquite easily by being careful and watching out for weather reports having theright gear which i glanced upon before but one of your most important parts ofyour gear to take with you is food esp high fat and high protein snacks andhigh carb foods if you are going to be hiking in the mountains for a few dayshaving to wade through snow and defending yourself against the cold expends alot of energy especially if you are hiking uphill in deep snow a lot moreenergy than would be expended in say spring or summer bear in my mind that foodis going to increase the weight of your rucksack and along with all of yourother gear especially including a tent the weight is going to stack up quitequickly so buying lightweight gear but lightweight gear that is also strong enoughto bear the brunt of winter weather extremes we usually average on 16 to 18kgon our trips which when carrying on your back for a couple of days can gettiring so try not to go any heavier than that obviously due to restrictions onfood items if you are entering through customs in the UK  you are bestbuying your food/snacks etc in the shops in the towns in the Lake districtbefore you head off into the mountains one more thing please be careful whenhiking in the mountains the weather can close in in literally seconds so makesure you have a compass, maps mobile phones as you can occasionally get asignal to keep your mobile/ cell phone charged up a portable lightweight phonecharger is a good idea ideally one that can recharge your phone at least 3 timesbecause if the weather closes in you do not know how long you are going to bestuck in the mountains and this i must mention the mountain rescue are therefor emergencies getting lost is not an emergency but breaking limbs etc are ifyou have got lost it really is your own fault for not taking due care in usingyour map and compass having said that when everything is white and covered upit is a lot easier to get lost so try to be aware of where you are at all timesapart from that happy hiking/backpacking and wild camping on a budget in winterfor prices of YHA,s and B&Bs hotels etc i do suggest the internet as icould not list them all and they are likely to differ i do hope you enjoy thephotos of my winter hiking along with this blog.


Header photo taken by PAUL SMITH on Unsplash.

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