Nationwide Trail Guides: Trail Publications

As time has passed, I have come to write and edit for a lot of hiking/ trail-related clients. Matthew Arnold at Trail Publications was one of the first clients that I started writing for. Matthew writes the main contents of the book – i.e. what directions to take, and it is my job to proofread and edit the whole book. I also tend to write the introduction of the book and the opening section of each chapter to give a greater sense of background to the text. 

These books are then sold on Amazon. You can see a screenshot of some of the books below, titles include trail guides to the: Templar Way, Devonshire Heartland Way, Two Moors Way, Two Counties Way, and the Dart Valley Trail. I have also edited and written the introduction for a book on the County Tops of the United Kingdom too.

Sample to follow soon.

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