The Sexual Assault of Black Women:

Inspired by an assigned text during my studies, I wanted to share the history associated with the powerful black women who harnessed their horrific sexual assault to help propel the civil rights movement forward. 

At one point, I wrote listicles for a popular History website called History Collection. Every fortnight, the person with the highest clickthrough rate won a bonus. Since every item on the list was on a different page, a high clickthrough rate indicated readers were enjoying your content enough to continue reading. This particular article had a clickthrough rate of 9.1 out of 10. A very high rating. Fortunately, out of all four of the articles I submitted, I won the bonus every time – there was usually around 15 others to compete with. 

The website has since changed its format. Fortunately, I screen-grabbed the content as it was first published. Please note, I had no control over formatting – please excuse these errors. 

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